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Use Case

8 Jan

This use case will be partially based on scenario 1. As recommended by the HCI lecture notes, I will follow the Fowler method for documenting a use case.

Goal: general usage to gain information about live weather in different cities.


  1. The system displays the dashboard with the default locations.
  2. The system checks for new data and updates the screen
  3. The user clicks the ‘change location’ button
  4. The system loads the map interface showing all available locations, highlighting the currently in-use ones
  5. The user finds a not-in-use city and clicks the marker
  6. The system prompts the user to deselect one of the nine in-use cities and displays an option to return to the map or go home
  7. The user chooses one from the nine given and clicks ‘ home’
  8. The system updates the data and displays the new dashboard
  9. The user views the temperature data and swipes left
  10. The system changes the displayed weather variable to rainfall
  11. Repeat steps 9 and 10 until the user is satisfied with the comparison or all variables have been displayed
  12. The user closes the app but returns after 10 mins and presses the refresh button
  13. The system checks for new data but none is found
  14. The system subtly informs the user that this is the case
  15. The user closes the app.

2. If no new data is found:
2.1. Don’t update the screen.

12. If new data was found:
12.1. The system updates the screen and subtly informs the user

12a. If no network connection is found:
12a.1. The system abandons attempt to update data
12a.2. The system subtly informs the user of a network failure

Scenario 2 – Casualist (Jill)

8 Jan

Jill is on holiday with the kids for October half-term, lying on a beach in southern Spain. She is having a wonderful time in the Mediterranean sun and heat. After weeks of damp, overcast dross back home in London, she really needed this holiday.

Whilst lying there, Jill wonders what it is like back home. She knows it’s probably rubbish, but it will make her feel much better to have it confirmed. She doesn’t want to ring anyone right now, and there aren’t any newspapers nearby so she gets out her phone. There’s this wonderful lightweight app she discovered recently that lets her compare the weather in different cities around Europe. It loads up in no time and she can immediately see the contrast in weather thanks to the highly-informative colour-coded tiles. The blue of London (9 C) compared to the deep orange of Seville (38 C) fills her with joy.

Having already set up her cities (she swapped Oslo for Seville from the defaults) before coming away, and thanks to the highly efficient data model of GC02 WxApp, Jill’s perusal of the weather uses less than 1KB of data, costing Jill almost nothing in roaming charges (much less than a text or call). With automatic updates turned off, she locks her phone without shutting down the app, safe in the knowledge that no further costs (albeit fractional) will be incurred.

Jill lies back and smiles at the thought of Londoners get rained on in the cold, miserable streets whilst she soaks up these joyous rays.

Scenario 1 – Enthusiast (Jack)

8 Jan

Jack is travelling on the Overground to work. Thankfully he has found a seat, but as it is a long journey he is, as ever, looking to kill some time. He’s finished reading the Metro and is now on his htc. Jack is not much of a gamer; he prefers to browse news sites, blogs, weather sites and such. He gets his buzz from reading interesting things.

After checking the BBC News app, Jack loads the GC02 WxApp. He kills a bit of time flicking through the screens, observing the weather in cities around Europe – once again marvelling at how cold it gets in Budapest in the winter, and how wet it has been in Athens lately. He views the detail for London – cloudy, mild, dry – and wishes he could be in Trondheim where he can see there have been gales (his favourite weather event).

After changing a few of the cities on his dashboard and flicking through some of the weather variables again, he looks up and realises he’s missed his stop. He makes a note to be careful when using GC02 WxApp – it’s too absorbing for him.