User Testing

22 Jan

I conducted a user test with a non-Android App developer who had never seen my app before, but is a user of Android apps. As is traditional, I left the user to explore the system without intervening or allowing questions. This is to determine whether features are obvious and easy to access. The results:

  • User launches app and examines main screen
  • User presses a tile, taking him to the detail view
  • Tries to swipe several times.. system does nothing so he gives up
  • Goes to back to main page and presses the variable bar to change the view
  • User visits the settings, explores, but finds nothing he wishes to change
  • Goes to the table view and plays around… eventually figures out that it can be sorted by clicking the column headers
  • Goes back and visits the map view… clicks a few markers and dismisses them… clicks a marker and sets that location as his new city without problems.
  • Views the main screen and sees his new location
  • Explores the help pages briefly
  • Exits the app.

Key findings

  • User could not get the swipe to work even though that feature is enabled. This doesn’t prevent access to any features but it is handy and neat, and consistent with modern apps. I changed the system to be more sensitive to swipes in an effort to resolve this.
  • The navigation system presented no problems and buttons were readily identified, despite one of the heuristic analysers suggesting that some didn’t look buttony enough.
  • The table view needs a GUI enhancement to make it clear that it is sortable. The user told me at the end that he worked it out because the navigation bar said “Rank View”, but it took him a good 10s to see this so I will enhance the system visibility as this is not acceptable and other users may not be successful in finding this feature.***
  • Dialogs and toasts did not frustrate or confuse user. Excellent.

***Here’s a mockup of the changes I plan to make to this screen:


User testing gives a real insight into how my app might actually be navigated, making it, in my opinion, an invaluable exercise in determining whether all that HCI planning, design and analysis has actually succeeded. Concluding, I have found this process very helpful and would ideally do many more user tests, but with the deadline 24hrs away this is implausible and I must focus on implementing the lessons learned so far.

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