Heuristic Evaluation (ii)

22 Jan

This second evaluation was shorter and more casual. The expert was an Android App developer looking for violations of Nielsen’s principles.

  • Aesthetic/consistency problem – rows on the table view were too short. This looked poor and was inconsistent with the spacious layout of the rest of the app.
  • Possible metaphor violation – swiping usually causes the screen to wobble or otherwise visibly move. My swipe simply changes the data. The potential complexity of this fix means it may not be implemented.
  • Consistency/metaphor of the buttons – on press, the expert felt they should react by lighting up with a border colour change so that users know it is a button. I agree, and will add this to the implement-queue.

The expert was pleased with the rest of the app, though was not interested to read the help pages. Perhaps that is just the nature of experts, or maybe I should consider condensing them.


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