App Idea | Motivation

12 Dec

This post aims to cover point one of the HCI specification –

A short description of what your app does and explains the motivation behind building it, for example, what problem does it solve?

The app compares the weather in different cities using a unique colourful visual interface

My app is a city weather comparison visualisation interface. The idea is to have nine cities represented on coloured tiles in a grid arrangement. The tiles will display the city name and the value of the weather variable (e.g. temperature, atmospheric pressure) being displayed. The colour of each tile is dependent on the value, so the effect is an easy visual way of comparing the weather in different cities. The cities can be user-specified by selecting them from a map interface (making use of the GoogleMaps or Bing API). The visualisation interface, “dashboard”, will be clear and simple, and make use of graphics to give the app a modern and mobile-device-specific feel (no desktop-style text-heavy menus).


I came up with the idea because I am a weather fanatic and love to see how the weather in my home city (London) compares to other European cities that I have visited. I created a really quick testing version of the app and already I find myself viewing it several times a day simply because I think it’s interesting. I know that there many other weather freaks out there too, so that is clearly my biggest market. However, I aim to keep the design straightforward enough so that anyone can use it, and hopefully be interested in it too. This probably means not including complex weather variables such as the dew point (though perhaps a setting to add this could be included).

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